The Kano Sisters store their “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” manga & figures in multiple Louis Vuitton trunks

Natural beauties The Kano Sisters have gained quite a following on Instagram over the past few years due to their “otaku” hobbies. Along with photos of their daily life and media appearances, their page is filled to the brim of them doing cosplay in very impressive looking costumes and makeup.

Their latest Instagram post to make headlines showed off their unique way of storing their most beloved manga and anime figurines. One of the sisters Mika Kano began this last week by posting a photo of her Jujutsu Kaisen manga collection stored inside of a case by luxury French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Fans were amazed that she stored her manga there, but she was able to top herself this week with her selected collection from JoJo’z Bizzare Adventure.

In a new Instagram post Mika shared a photo with six Louis Vuitton trunks and cases all on top of each other. One case contained her very impressive collection of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga, paired with around 15 boxes from fellow luxury French fashion house Hermes, and boxes from the luxury sunglasses brand Linda Farrow.

In another case she has figures with her favorite characters all lined up, she took out one of her favorite characters “Rohan Kishibe” to do a special pose. She also shows the retail price for the trunk, coming in at 995,500 yen (roughly $9570 USD). Do the math!

The final photo in the slideshow shows off her cosplay of various JoJo characters. Check out the photos below: