Team Japan Wins Japan Open

On October 6 at Saitama Super Arena, this year’s Japan Open took place. Team Japan, consisting of Shoma Uno, Nobunari Oda, Satoko Miyahara, and Kaori Sakamoto, won the event. Team Japan finished with a score of 621.91, compared to Team Europe’s score of 558.14 and Team North America’s score of 516.45.

In the men’s competition, Shoma Uno came in first with a score of 186.69, followed by Nobunari Oda in second, with a score of 176.95.

In the women’s competition, Kaori Sakamoto came in second with a score of 130.28, 28.9 points behind the reigning Olympic champion, Russia’s Alina Zagitova. Satoko Miyahara came in third place with a score of 127.99.

After the Japan Open, the exhibition program Carnival on Ice was held. In addition to Team Japan, Akiko Suzuki, Tatsuki Machida, and Kanako Murakami were featured as special guests.

Japan Open

Shoma Uno


Nobunari Oda


Kaori Sakamoto


Satoko Miyahara



Carnival on Ice

Akiko Suzuki


Tatsuki Machida


Kanako Murakami


For some reason, I could only find the guests.