Tatsuya Yamaguchi officially resigns from TOKIO

Today, Johnny & Associates group TOKIO held a press conference regarding the future of the group, and bass player Tatsuya Yamaguchi.

This is all in response to his “forced indecency” with a 16-year-old girl.

TOKIO’s leader Shigeru Joshima was the first to speak at the conference.

As expected, he repeatedly apologized to the victims family and the public for all the commotion this scandal has caused. Joshima then went into the talks the members had of what they should do regarding Yamaguchi.

He quickly revealed what many were expecting, Yamaguchi officially handed in his resignation and will no longer be a member of the group. During the meeting with the other members he said

“I will quit TOKIO. I’m responsible for hurting TOKIO”

Yamaguchi stated that he would leave the group shortly after he held his own press conference. This meeting between all the members took place on April 30th.

Before having this meeting, the remaining 4 TOKIO members spoke to the victim and her family, personally apologizing to them. Joshima then had a meeting with Johnny Kitagawa, and it was decided that the 4 members would have their own press conference.

Each of the members had a chance to speak, and vocalist Tomoya Nagase had some sound advice for critics of the victim. After giving his own set of apologies, he pleaded with the public to not BLAME or try and identify the victim.


Drummer Masahiro Matsuoka was instantly in tears during his portion of the press conference, stating that he really does not want TOKIO to end.

When a member of the press insinuated that perhaps alcohol is the one that should take most of the blame in this situation, Matsuoka snapped back saying it’s not the alcohol’s fault. Calling Yamaguchi’s actions “sick”.

While the press conference was taking place, Johnny & Associates updated their webpage for TOKIO removing every single trace of Yamaguchi.

(via yahoo, sports hochi, 5ch)