Suda Masaki’s permed hair makes headlines

Actor and singer Suda Masaki has become quite known for his unique sense of style, especially when compared to his other young actor peers. He recently updated his Twitter account where he showed off a drastic new hairstyle promoting his upcoming live event.

This caused quite the stir, as it was the number #1 trending article on multiple entertainment websites. It’s currently still the #1 trending article on Oricon! Suda showed off a dramatic perm making his hair extremely poofy, hidden behind a mask and glasses.

Fans were quite shocked, compared it to the afro hairstyle that became globally popular in the 70s

Reactions overall were largely positive, with some fans jokingly wondering if he had been electrocuted or involved in an explosion. Many others complimented how fluffy and round his hair looked.

In a new tweet Suda shared another brand new photo, and it appears his hair is already beginning to lose it’s shape! Perhaps he will get a fresh perm for his upcoming live

Do you like Suda’s new look?