Suda Masaki, Rola, ONE OK ROCK’s Taka, and More Ask the Public to Vote

In its national elections, Japan is reported to have a voter participation rate of about 50%. Among the youth population, it’s even lower. “VOICE PROJECT Tohyo wa Anata no Koe” is looking to change that, ahead of the elections on October 31.

The project has enlisted Akimoto Sayaka, Ando Tamae, Ishibashi Shizuka, Oguri Shun, KOM_I, Suda Masaki, ONE OK ROCK‘s Taka, Takito Kenichi, Nakano Taiga, Nikaido Fumi, Hashimoto Kanna, Maeno Tomoya, Rola, and Watanabe Ken to talk about the importance of voting, in an effort to increase voter turnout. Check out their video, which is subbed, below!