Steamgirls member Karen Tsukimiya has passed away

It has been announced that Karen Tsukimiya (17), member of the Alice Project group Steamgirls, passed away July 8th.

On September 8th, Tsukimiya’s father took to the group’s official website and wrote:

This is the father of Karen. There is something regarding Karen Tsukimiya that I must inform you all with. In early July, Karen Tsukimiya died in an accident. I would like to apologize about the delay of this report but we needed time to sort out our feelings.

Her profile and picture has since been removed from the site, but her family want her social media accounts to stay up for the time being.

If you’d like to leave a message for her or her family or share pictures and memories, they have set up an email address to do so: [email protected].

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

(via Alice Project, NikkanSports)