SOROR to Release Special Guest Riddled Debut Album in March

After releasing a scattering of digital singles, producer Yamamoto Sho (ex phenotas) announced his debut album (under the name SOROR) featuring a wide plethora of special guests from the current J-pop scene. Among those include Seiko Oomori, Kayoko Yoshizawa, Shiho Nanba, Minami Fujioka, Koresawa and more. The 10 track EDM and traditional J-pop inspired album has been entitled “new life wave”.

The album is set to be released on the 14th of March through COCONOE RECORDS and retails at 2500 yen. Read on to see the full tracklist, sample some tracks and check out the album cover!

Album cover:

1. Hanaseba Wakaru feat. Kayoko Yoshizawa (Album ver.)
2. Minna Wagamama feat. Takano Mari (Album ver.)
3. Time Leap Time Leap feat. Minami Fujioka (Album ver.)
4. Otona no Renai feat. Seiko Oomori
5. Venus Rule feat. Shiho Nanba
6. Small World Diversity feat. Hinata Haru
7. Culture Caste feat. Nanawo Akari
8. Jibun First feat. Koresawa
9. Oishii Koe feat. Yamada Aina
10. Spread Out feat Sakurai Yuriko (instrumental)

Sample tracks:

The album should be one of the most interesting solo debuts in a long time, and with a guest list that strong, it will be essential listening for March. Bring it on!