Yuki Kashiwagi’s Washlet Overuse Causes Hemorrhoids

On July 4, Yuki Kashiwagi had a joint video with Sky Peace on her YouTube channel, “Yukirin World.”

In the video, Yuki told a story about her use of washlets, the famous Japanese toilet that rinses the user’s nether regions after use. She said that all her life she always heard that they were bad for the butt. However, earlier this year she started using it, and now she can’t live without it. But there is a downside…

“I ended up going to the hospital because I overused the washlet.”

Due to her overuse of the washlet, Yuki developed hemorrhoids.

While washlets are good for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, they can cause anal inflammation if the water pressure is too high. When using a washlet, it is recommended to use the weakest water pressure and the minimum amount of time.

Hopefully Yuki takes this advice in the future!