Nostalgic reunions: “Love★Com”, Sailor Moon Birthday Parties and more!

One of the saddest moments in the life of a “fan” is the day one your favourite show hits “the end” credits. Then again what joy it brings to see the stars meet again and share that moment on their social accounts! Check which shows got their nostalgic reunions in recent days!

えまがキンキーブーツ観に来てくれました! #キンキーブーツ #久しぶりの再会 #ラブコン

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Remember the 2006 movie “Love★Complex” about a chibi boy and a lanky high-school girl who fall in love despite the obvious height obstacle? Oh, yes, you do, as the show was an absolute delight to watch. Teppei Koike posted a two-shot with his “Love★Com” co-star Ema Fujisawa, who visited his stageplay “Kinky Boots”.

Where are they now?

Teppei just recently parted ways with his bandmate Eiji Wentz, with whom he was performing as WaT duo. His acting career is quite steady, with both drama and movie roles popping up each year. Ema has started off as a model, then her big break came in 2004 when she was chosen as the asadora heroine in ‘Tenka‘. Recently she has been more on the supporting/guest character side.

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The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” live-action show has been airing in 2003, but the Guardians have been meeting up to celebrate their birthdays. The photo commemorating  Sailor Venus’s (Ayaka Komatsu) birthday party appeared on Keiko Kitagawa‘s instagram few days back.

Where are they now?

There is probably no need to introduce Keiko Kitagawa, as former Sailor Mars is currently one of the shiniest stars in Japanese entertainment. Miyuu Sawai, who portrayed Sailor Moon, has been doing a bit of everything, including a fair selection of stageplays and voice acting roles. Chisaki Hama (Sailor Mercury) put her activities on hiatus after PGSM to finish highschool. She has been studying literature at Meiji University and resumed her modelling/acting career under new talent agency and a new stage name Rika Izumi. Mew Azama (Sailor Jupiter) is focused on modelling; she’s an exclusive model for AneCam, sister magazine of CanCam. Ayaka Komatsu, whose 30th birthday the girls were celebrating, has been appearing in many supporting roles in many prime time dramas, including ‘Kazoku no Katachi’ and ‘Good Partner’ this year.

Ryohei Suzuki visited Yuriko Yoshitaka’s stageplay “Radian Vermin” on 21st July. The two have been playing a couple in the  2014 asadora “Hanako to Anne“. Although it have been only two years, anyone who followed the morning show will definitely miss the lovely Muraoka pair.

Where are they now?

After completing filming of “Hanako to Anne”, Yuriko decided to take a break from on-screen acting (she did only one stageplay in 2015). During her gap year, she traveled around the world and reset her batteries. Currently, she is resuming her activities with another stageplay “Radiant Vermin”: a three-person show about a young couple and their older landlord. Her co-stars are Midoriko Kimura and Issei Takahashi. Ryohei Suzuki is on the roll, with 5 feature films in 2015 including ‘Ore Monogatari’ which was his leading role. The actor proves to do well in every genre: comedy, action, drama, and is for sure a name to look our for. 

The girls here are no other than part of the idol group GMT: Aki (Rena Nounen), Fukuoka-member Mana-chan (Ito Ono) and Okinawa-member Ellen-kyan (Honami Kurashita) from 2013 asadora Amachan! The girls have reunited to watch a baseball game together.

Where are they now? 

Rena Nounen is finally reprising her activities under a new stage name Non! No projects announced yet, so only time will tell what path she chooses from now. Ito Ono has one very interesting project coming up, ‘Ame ni Yureru Onna’ first movie directed by a musician Yoshihiro Hanno. Honami Kurashita is staying pretty low-key with appearances in ‘Flying Colors’ movie and ‘Bijo to Danshi’ drama in 2015.

Is there any cast reunion you would like to see, ARAMA? Have we missed one?
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