Hikaru Utada shares her thoughts on her mother’s death 1 year later

On the 23rd, a dormant Hikaru Utada took to her Twitter to commemorate mother’s death last year on August 22nd.

Worried about how she would spend the first anniversary of her mother’s death, she asked a friend who lost her father at a young age. As advice, her friend replied with a positive outlook, “My older brother commemorates the anniversary of our father’s death, but I celebrate his birthday!”

Her mother, popular enka singer Keiko Fuji, died at age 62 by jumping off the 13th floor of her apartment building in Shinjuku the morning of August 22, 2013. After her death, Utada commented, “I’m proud to be the daughter of my mother.”

Days after, Hikki left a statement on her website and divulged more information about her mother’s condition:

Since I was young, I have witnessed the progression of my mother’s illness. With the worsening of her symptoms, her distrust of people, including her family members, only increased further, with the line between reality and her delusions getting blurred, and she came to lose control over her own behavior.

She continued, sharing her aspirations to help people in similar positions, “I want to do something to support the families of people who suffer form mental illnesses.”

Comments on the article were positive and supportive, but many are awaiting her return to music.