Fans rejoice over Erika Toda’s return to long hair

Erika Toda (27) posted a new photo of herself on Instagram last week. The photo shows her close-up with long, straight hair and a caption “Welcome back, long”.

Last month, Toda asked her fans in comment section: “Bangs or no bangs, which do you prefer?”. The followers commented: “Longer bangs!”, “For Toda-chan it’s always black and long!”.

Recently, the actress has been sporting shorter bob hairstyles. Fans rejoiced seeing their idol in long straight hair again, Toda’s signature look from dramas ‘SPEC’, ‘Liar Game’ or movie ‘Death Note’. “I always liked this look on you best”, “Cute as ever”, “I’m relieved to see this Erika Toda look again” are only some of the 1,5 thousand comments (and counting).

うわ〜 おかえりロング

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(via Erika’s official instagram and cinematoday)