Snow Man’s Raul, Koji Mukai, and Ryota Miyadate Test Positive for COVID-19

Raul, Koji Mukai, and Ryota Miyadate of Snow Man have tested positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19, according to Johnny & Associates.

On January 19, Raul had a sore throat and Koji felt fatigued, so a PCR test was conducted, with a positive diagnosis being given for both.

The rest of Snow Man was tested on the 19th and again on the 20th, with Ryota testing positive as well. He had previously tested positive in December 2020.

Raul, Koji, and Ryota are currently under the watch of medical staff.

As a result of these positive cases, “SixTONES Snow Man Debut kara Maru 2 Nen Kinen Countdown Special Event”, Snow Man’s joint two year anniversary event with SixTONES, which was scheduled for January 21, has been postponed.