SMAP 25th Anniversary Dome Tour Cancelled

SMAP was supposed to have a 5 dome tour in celebration of their 25th anniversary. The tour was supposed to start in August and end in November. However, due to the potential disbandment of the group, that tour has been cancelled.

In related news, various members of SMAP have appeared on tv and radio since the turmoil began. However, none of them have touched on the issue, with the exception of Kimura Takuya, the sole member with no intention of leaving Johnny & Associates. On the January 15 episode of his TOKYO FM radio show “What’s Kaizokudan Kimura Takuya no What’s UP SMAP!”, he acknowledged the news that has been swirling around SMAP for the past few days. He said that although he can’t currently speak on the issue at hand, he will in the future when he is able to. He then thanked listeners for their support. On the show, Takuya played the SMAP song “Original Smile”, introducing it as coming from the group, in a sign of hopeful unity.


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