Shukan Bunshun Interviews the Fathers of Former Keyakizaka46 Member Harada Mayu and Her Boyfriend

On November 11, it was announced that Harada Mayu would be leaving soon to debut idol group Keyakizaka46. The supposed reason is the scandal that she is currently involved in. Pictures leaked of the underage Mayu with her boyfriend, her former middle school teacher. Shukan Bunshun recently picked up the story, going so far as to interview the couple’s fathers.

Since the scandal erupted, the middle school in Tokyo’s Ota Ward where Mayu’s boyfriend, who will be called M-shi, teaches has been flooded with phone calls by angry parents. The problem is so bad that on November 4 a special meeting was called by school officials so that they could discuss it with parents.

When Shukan Bunshun asked about his son, M-shi’s father said that he has little contact with him. He thought that M-shi was working hard on his career as a teacher in Tokyo. He also said that he knew nothing of Mayu.

Mayu’s father, on the other hand, was in full knowledge of the relationship. He told Shukan Bunshun that at first he was surprised that his daughter was dating her former teacher, but that after meeting M-shi, he saw that he was a very reliable young man. He then allowed the couple to continue dating.

Shukan Bunshun reached out to the principal of M-shi’s school, but he declined to comment. They then contacted Ota Ward’s board of education. They told Shukan Bunshun that they are aware of the situation and are cooperating with police as they continue to investigate.