Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku promoting Square Enix’s “Sengoku IXA”

PR event was held at 12/8 on Atago Shrine Tokyo with Ebichu members wearing Sengoku era armor. This collaboration between Square Enix and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku was started with members praying in the shrine for year 2015, and concluded with main PR event including the quiz challenge about Sengoku era with of course, odd questions and answers.

After the ceremony ended, Ebichu’s mascot Aika Hirota was interviewed about their activity this year, how members are “transferred” (which their own term on graduation and new members addition) and become eight members group. Rika Mayama also express her wishes for next year to perform in Music Station and Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

Sengoku IXA is a browser based strategy game, where player become Joushi (castle owner) with main mission to expand the territory and become the biggest clan in Japan. Pictures and Videos around this event are provided after the jump.

Mayama Rika(Kenshin Uesugi)

Rika Mayama (Kenshin Uesugi)

Yasumoto Ayaka(Ieyasu Tokugawa)

Ayaka Yasumoto (Ieyasu Tokugawa)

Hirota Aika(Sorin Otomo)

Aika Hirota (Sorin Otomo)

Hoshina Mirei(Nagamasa Azai)

Mirei Hoshina (Nagamasa Azai)

Matsuno Rina(Nobunaga Oda)

Rina Matsuno (Nobunaga Oda)

Kashiwagi Hinata(Ujiyasu Hojo)

Hinata Kashiwagi (Ujiyasu Hojo)

Kobayashi Kaho(Shingen Takeda)

Kaho Kobayashi (Shingen Takeda)

Nakayama Riko(Motochika Chosokabe)

Riko Nakayama (Motochika Chosokabe)

(Photos via Natalie)

Event Videos

Sengoku IXA

Ebichu’s lates single “Haitateki”