Shiina Ringo to Release New Blu Ray in October/November

Recently, WOWOW aired Shiina Ringo‘s latest tour ‘Shiina Ringo to Aitsura no Iru Shinkuu Chitai‘ finale, held at NHK Hall on 17th May. The broadcast featured the full set, minus the encore. Now, Ringo has announced that in November (October for the Limited Edition– read on for more info) that she will be releasing that show in full on Blu Ray and DVD. Read on below to see covers and setlist and edition info.



Blu Ray

01 Jinsei wa Omoidoori
02 Oishii Kisetsu
03 Irokoizata
04 Gips
05 Ishiki
06 Shinri no Hito (nature boy)
07 JL005 Bin de
08 Shoujo Robot
09 Benkai Debussy
10 Yokushitsu
11 Usurahi Shinjuu
12 Anya no Shinjuu Date
13 Kareha
14 Memai
15 Otona no Okite
16 Jukinzoku Sei no Onna
17 Shizuka naru Gyakushuu
18 Karei naru Gyakushuu
19 Kodoku no Akatsuki
20 Jiyuu he Michizure
21 Jinsei wa Yume Darake

(Encore- exclusive to this release)
22 Marunouchi Sadistic
24 Yasei no Domei

The Blu Ray/DVD will first be allocated to fanclub members and tour attendees on October 20. Fanclub members can order it from today through the Kronekodow site (followed by Line members and finally General Public, if quantities remain after presale). The limited edition is also set to be on sale for her upcoming tour. The general public will have access to the Regular Edition on November 21.