SHIINA RINGO to participate in SARAVAH records tribute album

After sending out some cryptic messages to her fanclub, it has been announced this morning that Shiina Ringo will be lending a track to an upcoming Various Artists compilation featuring a new track.

The compilation “50 Years of SARAVAH” celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Pierre Barhou’s record label. Japanese and French artists are covering different artists from the label, amongst the likes of Brigitte Fontaine and Pierre Barouh himself.

See the cover below


The song that Shiina Ringo is providing is called “13 jours au Japon ~2O2O Nio Nippon no Natsu” and is originally by Pierre Barouh. The compilation is going to be released on the 28th of September.

Shiina Ringo is no stranger to french music and has shown quite the affinity towards french culture for a very long time. It is then, quite fitting that she of all people should be the one involved in such a project. The other Japanese name of note involved is Kahimi Karie.

The album is available to preorder from all the usual places and is set to retail at 2,592 yen. An international pressing is set to be released later on in November.