Sexy Zone member Marius Yo goes on hiatus

Johnny’s has announced that Sexy Zone member Marius Yo will be going on hiatus due to very poor physical health. All performances and planned appearances will be cancelled effective immediately so he can completely focus on recovering.

Yo has been under a lot of stress lately trying to balance his very busy entertainment career, along with being a university student. Yo puts a lot of pressure on himself so he can excel at both academics and his entertainment career. He was officially diagnosed by a doctor and Johnny’s considers his physical and mental health the biggest priority. It has not been revealed how long Yo will be on hiatus for.

Earlier in the month tabloids reported that Yo accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs , leaving fans extremely worried. Luckily he received treatment quickly and began to recuperate.

Fans were looking forward to seeing Sexy Zone promote as 5 again, as member So Matsushima finally returned after recovering from a panic disorder. Next year marks the groups 10th anniversary, debuting with their self titled single on November 16th, 2011.

Get well soon!