Seiko Oomori announces THREE new singles!

As if Seiko Oomori wasn’t busy enough with all her tie ins, collaborations and raising a child, starting on August 24, Seiko Oomori will release not one, but THREE singles- that’s one per month! These all accumulate to create her latest project titled “Wonder Romance Three Good Fortunes ~Today’s lover is Y♥O♥U?! Series~” The  first song will feature as the theme song for a web anime “Nigeneko Jure“, which Seiko will also be lending her voice talents to! Read more about the versions and store extras below!

CD+DVD(AVCD-83670)\2,500 (tax included)
CDonly(AVCD-83671)\1,000 (tax included)
CD+DVD【FANCLUB VERSION】(AVC1-83672)\3,500 (tax included)

Those that purchase the fanclub version also go into the lottery to win one of ten of Seiko’s personal belongings, which I’m sure to fans, is very exciting indeed!

Store bonuses:
Tower Records: Can badge designed by Seiko
HMV: Postcard
Tsutaya: IC Sticker Card

The first single is available to preorder now on the usual sites (minus the fanclub version, which obviously requires fanclub membership to buy)

Arama will keep you updated when more information comes to the front!

Looks like the end of the year got a whole lot more exciting for Seiko Oomori fans!