Satomi Ishihara is the new face of Tokyo Metro

On the 1st of April, Tokyo Metro launched their new promotional campaign “Find My Tokyo”. Actress Satomi Ishihara became the new face of the brand and will participate in the campaign that consists of the series of CM, posters and dedicated webpage. Check the details after the jump!

Tokyo Metro reps invite us to take a ride with the metro and stroll around the lesser known stops. Each month, they will present a new station and leave some activity hints and challenges for the travellers on the webpage. First stop chosen for April CM is Monzen Nakacho.

Musician Takeshi Kobayashi is the overall producer of the CM campaign. For each installment, he will invite a different artist to collaborate and provide the music. In the first “episode” we can hear “my town” by YEN TOWN BAND (Chara-fronted band revived for this project after 20 years!) and Kj (from Dragon Ash). Chara appears in the video as well!

Ishihara strolls down the streets of Monzen Nakacho with model Seia Yasuda. The girls are there for the first time and are fascinated by the fact that until Edo era Monzen Nakacho was a fishermen village facing the sea. They decide to taste local speciality fukagawa-meshi,  rice dish topped with a rich miso-based broth of clams and green onions. At the entrance they bump into Chara, who recommends them the meal.

Ishihara took over fellow actress Maki Horikita, who was the lead of the previous Tokyo Metro campaign.

Be sure to check all the fun stuff on the official page!