Sandaime J Soul Brothers surprises with J.S.B.DREAM MV

A couple hours ago LDH group, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, dropped their MV for J.S.B.DREAM.

The PV comes after the announcement of the new apparel brand, “J.S.B.”, which clothes they sport in theĀ  music video. For those who may wondering if this is for a new single, it’s not. Actually, J.S.B.DREAM is the b-side to their most recent release, STORM RIDERS feat. SLASH.

The group’s name was given to them back in 1991 by the American artist, Bobby Brown, to EXILE leader HIRO. Despite being based in their roots, this song and new music video gives a different feeling compared to their previous work.

Check out the music video that has everyone abuzz below!