Sakanaction Launches Their Own Sub-Label

Last night at Sakanaction’s NF club event at Tokyo’s LIQUIDROOM, frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi announced that the band is launching their own sub-label under their record company, Victor Entertainment. This new sub-label is named NF Records. It’s not going to be a regular sub-label that deals with just music production and sales, but one that pursues new musical expression through art and fashion as well. The NF Records’ logo was designed by Tanaka Yusuke, who is the art director of Sakanaction’s NF project, which includes things like the said club event and a clothing line.

NF Records’ first release will be the band’s new single “Shin Takarajima”, which is out September 30. Their upcoming tour will also be a tour to launch the sub-label.


The sub-label’s logo: