Ryusei Yokohama & Tao Tsuchiya become a couple in CM for skincare line “recipist”

Top actors Ryusei Yokohama and Tao Tsuchiya have teamed up to star in a brand new advertising campaign.

recipist” is a skincare line under shiseido. One of their main selling point is that a lot of their products contain rose hip oil/extracts. Rose hip is pro vitamin a, which has been known to help with textural issues and be very effective at moisturization and maintaining overall skin health.

Besides the face there are products available for the body, hand, and lip, along with sun care products.

The CM begins with Tao playfully applying a toning solution to Ryusei’s face, who then returns the favor. A short web film was also created, showing the two doing typical lovey-dovey things. Check out the CM and BTS footage below!

In celebration of the CM, a “couple Instagram” was even created for the campaign! The name of the account is a combination of their two names, “taoryu_recipist”.