Who’s the sexiest AKB48 member?

Web R25, with the help of Eye Research, has released a questionnaire to find the most “erotic” member of AKB48.

Whether they’re idols fans or not, many men take interest in members from their gravure photoshoots for magazines. Two-hundred men in their 20s were chosen at random to represent the opinion of the general public in this poll. Participants were allowed to select up to three members who they believed are the most sexually attractive to them.

Who’s the sexiest to you? Check out who made the cut below.

Name Votes
10 Rina Ikoma 3.0%
9 Rena Matsui 4.0%
8 Rina Kawaei 5.5%
7 Mayu Watanabe 6.5%
5 Yuki Kashiwagi 8.5%
5 Haruka Shimazaki 8.5%
4 Minami Takahashi 10.0%

Sayaka Yamamoto

“Her erotic body”
“Because she was doing a lot of gravure shoots”
“She has an erotic face”
“Her gaze when she’s dancing”


Rino Sashihara

“Since her Friday Magazine scandal”
“Since her boyfriend scandal happened”
“Because of her boyfriend scandal”
“She seems like she’s independent and calls the shots”
“She seems like she’d take the lead”


Haruna Kojima

“Because she has sex appeal”
“Because she’s an attractive woman”
“Because of how she looked in her lingerie CM”
“Because she does gravure a lot”
“Because she has a perfect body”