Who Are the Most Active Female Singers Today?

Female singers work across many genres in Japan today. But across the genres, who are the most active?

The Netorabo Survey Team and Voice Note recently held a poll asking the Japanese public, men and women ranging in age from 20s to 80s, who are the most active female singers currently.

Aimyon topped the ranking, followed by veteran vocalist MISIA. Newcomer Ado rounded out the top three. See the rest of the ranking below!

  1. Aimyon
  2. MISIA
  3. Ado
  4. Utada Hikaru
  5. ikura (YOASOBI)
  6. AI
  7. LiSA
  8. Aimer
  9. Seiko Matsuda
  10. milet
  11. JUJU
  12. Tendo Yoshimi
  13. Shiina Ringo
  14. Nakajima Miyuki
  15. Koda Kumi
  16. Yoshida Miwa
  17. miwa