Goo Ranks Celebrities Who Make People Ask “Is There Demand For Them?”

The celebrity world is full of many people, with a constant stream of new faces hitting the scene. There are stars who people understand the popularity of, but then there are those who make people ask “Is this person really popular?” Goo recently surveyed over 3000 people to ask them who are the celebrities who they question the demand for.

First place went to 8.6 Byou Bazooka. The comedy duo recently had their big break with the song “Rassungorerai.” The song and its accompanying dance was mimicked by many people, mainly teenagers. While popular, it is believed that they will be one hit wonders.

Second place went to AKB48 group members. They recently had their annual election and it made people realize how many members there were in the group who were out of the range of actual celebrity. It makes people wonder if there really is demand for so many people in the group.

Tied for second was Ono Nokoka. This gravure talent originally caught attention as a cute beer salesgirl at Tokyo Dome baseball games. This led to tv appearances, but she is seen as lacking in personality compare to other female talents.

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1. 8.6 Byou Bazooka: 14% of the vote


2. AKB48 group members: 11% of the vote


2. Ono Nonoka: 11% of the vote


4. Suzuki Nana: 10% of the vote


5. Gouriki Ayame: 9% of the vote


6. Kakei Miwako: 7% of the vote


7. Ami (Dream / E-girls): 6% of the vote


8. Kojima Ruriko: 5% of the vote


9. Anne Nakamura: 5% of the vote


9. Kiko Mizuhara: 5% of the vote