Fukiishi Kazue Tops Goo’s Best Celebrity Breasts Ranking

Whether it be CMs, dramas, or advertisements, the body lines of female celebrities are noticed. Even though many people may not want to admit it, they do pay attention to the breast of these female celebrities. Goo recently asked readers which female celebrity they think has the best breasts.

Fukiishi Kazue topped the list with 288 votes. She’s recently attracted attention due to her marriage to Masaharu Fukuyama,but her breasts have attracted attention due to her appearance in a Uniqlo CM for bra tops. Surprised viewers have commented on how nice her figure, and breasts, are.

Shinohara Ryoko came in second with 282 votes. She made waves with her Triumph underwear CM, which showcased her slim body and ample bust. Many women looked at her breasts with envy, wishing theirs were like Ryoko’s.

Ayase Haruka came in third place with 171 votes. Known for being busty, Haruka keeps eyes on her, even while wearing a simple t-shirt in a drama. Readers noted the combination of her innocent face matched with ample cleavage.

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1. Fukiishi Kazue: 288 votes


2. Shinohara Ryoko: 282 votes


3. Ayase Haruka: 171 votes


4. Aragaki Yui: 140 votes


5. Haruna Kojima: 130 votes


6. Fukada Kyoko: 117 votes


7. Rola: 107 votes


8. Aya Ueto: 103 votes


9. Ishihara Satomi: 80 votes


10. Koike Eiko: 76 votes