Erika Toda and Toma Ikuta Top “F1” Ranking

In terms of marketing, the term “F1” is used to refer to women ages 20 – 34. This demographic is sensitive to new trends and holds the key to consumption trends, meaning that what and who they like is important to various industries.

Talent Power Ranking recently released its ranking of the top 10 female and male celebrities that appeal to these women.

Erika Toda topped the female ranking, followed by Keiko Kitagawa and Yui Aragaki. Toma Ikuta topped the male ranking, followed by Jun Matsumoto and Masaki Aiba.

See the rest of the rankings below!

Female Ranking

  1. Erika Toda
  2. Keiko Kitagawa
  3. Yui Aragaki
  4. Asami Miura
  5. Mei Nagano
  6. Kanna Hashimoto
  7. Ayami Nakajo
  8. Minami Tanaka
  9. Nana Komatsu
  10. Riisa Naka

Male Ranking

  1. Toma Ikuta
  2. Jun Matsumoto
  3. Masaki Aiba
  4. King & Prince
  5. Sexy Zone
  6. Ryo Yoshizawa
  7. Akira Kawashima
  8. Ryunosuke Kamiki
  9. Bananaman
  10. Yudai Chiba