Arashi Tops Goo’s Best Johnny’s Group Dance Ranking

Songs are an important part of any JPop idol group, but dancing is also important. Even though each Johnny’s group has a different personality, they are all known for dancing. But which one is the best? Goo recently surveyed over 3500 people to find out which Johnny’s group they think is the best at dancing.

Arashi came in first place. Singing, dancing, and comedy have brought Arashi great popularity. All 5 members of the group have a high level of dance ability, but leader Ohno Satoshi is especially talented. He is also now responsible for the choreography in the group’s music videos.

Second place went to V6. Even though the group only has a moderate level of exposure as of late, they did get a lot of notice for their dancing. Their clean, tight dance formations have been known to make watchers forget about other groups. V6’s dancing is also acrobatic, making them a must see.

Shonentai came in third place. They are the longest running Johnny’s group (they debuted in 1985). Looking back at their old videos, it is understandable why they are lauded so much for their dancing. Longtime Shonentai fans have said that a group that surpasses their dance ability has yet to appear.

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1. Arashi: 972 votes

2. V6: 468 votes


3. Shonentai: 377 votes


4. A.B.C.-Z: 254 votes


5. Kinki Kids: 249 votes


6. Kis-My-Ft2: 242 votes


7. SMAP: 238 votes


8. Hey! Say! JUMP: 226 votes


9. KAT-TUN: 173 votes


10. Tackey & Tsubasa: 146 votes