Special ‘Snoopy’ vacuum cleaner to be released in November

A cute Snoopy design has been issued for a new robotic vacuum cleaner, “AQUA Snoopy Robot Cleaner”. A limited of 600 vacuums will be available and they will come with a special ‘Snoopy Dog House’ where the vacuum can be charged.

This past July they made a ‘base’ of the vacuum cleaner, which wasn’t cute, but the functionality is what made it popular. The device is thin enough that it can sweep under beds and sofas and it is quiet enough that people can use it in the middle of the night as well.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been a popular item in recent years, as they shorten the time it takes to clean. The vacuum moves freely about the house and some people even think of it as a “pet”. It’s likely that the Snoopy version will definitely win those people over.

The character store and “Okaimono SNOOPY” mail order sites will be taking preorders starting in the beginning of November. The vacuum will cost 53,000 yen (~495 USD) without tax.

(via: Oricon)