Ai Yazawa Scores Cover for Last Physical Copy of Rola. Talks About NANA

Manga author and artist Ai Yazawa‘s illustration graces the cover of women’s magazine Rola this month. Unfortunately this will be the last time customers will be able to get their hands on a copy of the life-style magazine. Rola is discontinuing the print of their magazine and moving operations completely over to their mobile app. But where one life ends, another one has the possibility to begin again. Continue on to see what this means for Ai Yazawa and one of her most beloved manga series.




Along with the cover, Ai Yazawa treated readers to an interview where one particular confession caused much excitement. NANA fans rejoice, because it seems like Ms. Yazawa plans on finishing  their story. NANA has been on hiatus, since Ai had to be hospitalized with an illness. Earlier this year she released a NANA calendar for Cookie magazine. It seems as if she too, has NANA on the brain recently.



At this point we have no date of when we will get installments. All we have is Ms. Yazawa’s word.

via Twitter and Reddit