Coronavirus May Kill 1/3 of Anime Conventions

Spring and summer are typically the seasons when anime conventions occur around the world. But the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has stopped that from happening this year in most cases.

The wave of cancelations and postponements began at the end of February in Tokyo. March’s AnimeJapan was canceled on February 27, a day after the Japanese government issued a statement requesting that large gatherings, like concerts and sporting events, be canceled.

At the time, this descision seemed rashed, given that the virus had only really exploded in China at that point. But the world is a different place now.

The cancelations and postponements of anime conventions has sent organizers and fans scrambling. Of the current situatuion, one organizer said, ā€œIā€™d be surprised if more than two-thirds of them return in 2021.ā€

The Japan Times recently took a look at the conditions facing anime conventions in the face of COVID-19. The full article can be read here.