Oricon Creates Its Own Digital Singles Chart

It’s finally happened! Following up its decision to create a digital albums chart last year, Oricon has revealed that it has now created a digital singles chart! Given that more songs are sold digitally than albums, this is a logical progression for the company. Oricon has faced criticism for nearly a decade about its decision to ignore the digital market, leading some to question the Oricon charts’ validity as a measure of music popularity.

The first Oricon digital singles chart will be revealed on December 20, tallying the sales for the week of December 11 – 17. The chart will feature the top 200 songs of the week that were sold digitally. The songs on the chart will come from 50 different labels, an unmatched number which may grow in the future. The chart will count the sales from five different music services: iTunes, mu-mo, mora, Recochoku, and Oricon Music Store.

Oricon is also looking to take things further in the future by creating a chart thet combines physical and digital sales. This is due to Oricon analyzing how music is being sold currently. The company is currently trying to decide a way to combine physical and digital sales into one chart.

With this being said, Arama! Japan will discontinue its current digital singles charts in December.