ONE OK ROCK’s Ryota and actress Haruka Kinami are dating

Sanspo reports that ONE OK ROCK’s bassist Ryota Kohama (25) and actress Haruka Kinami (29) are dating.

The two are reported to have met and become acquainted with each other at a couple of dinner parties and Kinami considered herself a fan of ONE OK ROCK beforehand. Many have noticed the two to be close lately, with Kinami often witnessed at concerts for ONE OK ROCK’s performances. Last month, she was seen on Ryota’s Instagram photo sitting in the authorized person area at the venue and was most recently spotted on the 13th of this month at the band’s Yokohama Stadium date.

With both of them strongly committed to each other, dating seems to have had a positive impact on their work. Haruka appears in three films and two dramas this year while ONE OK ROCK is at the height of their career.

ONE OK ROCK have recently successfully completed an outdoor stadium live tour for the first time and will continue touring worldwide this month throughout Europe, the United States and select locations in South America.

(via Sanspo)