Nogizaka46’s New Sister Group “Toriizaka46” to Be Formed

Sony Music Entertainment has announced that it will be holding auditions for the first generation members of a new group, Toriizaka46.

In response to the breakthrough of Nogizaka46, Toriizaka46 will be formed as the second group of the “sakamichi series” (slope series). Toriizaka is a slope located in Minato Ward, Tokyo. It is near Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi where Nogizaka46 under members perform. The group will start their activities with a Live at the theater, and will aim for a CD debut under the production of Akimoto Yasushi.

Sony Music Entertainment started accepting applicants last June 28. The final audition will be held on August 21, the same day that Nogizaka46 was formed in 2011.

(via Natalie)