NMB48’s Sayaka Yamamoto wants Minami Takahashi to forfeit during the Janken Tournament

On September 8th, NMB48 attended a PR ceremony for becoming the new ambassadors for FEATHER’s “Samurai Edge” razor blades.

On September 17th, AKB48 and sister groups will be participating in the “5th Janken Tournament”. NMB48’s Sayaka Yamamoto (21) will be going up against AKB48 general manager Minami Takahashi (23) first. Yamamoto timidly commented, “I don’t have any self-confidence in this, so I just hope it turns out fun.” Yamamoto also tied in the razors they’re advertising into her comments, “Takamina (Minami Takahashi), please throw out paper. I’ll throw out scissors, so please let me cut you.

The winner of the 5th Janken Tournament will be given a solo debut.

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