Nishino Kana Sings Theme Song for “Heroine Shikkaku” + Movie Trailer

Nishino Kana is contributing her song Torisetsu (Manual) for the theme song of the Heroine Shikkaku (No Longer the Heroine) film. The film adapts  Koda Momoko’s shojo manga of the same name. Nishino also sang themes in Soul Eater, Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower, and Chocolate Underground.

The film’s trailer has also been released and it previews the movie theme song “Torisetsu”. The film will open on September 19.

The romantic comedy centers around a high school girl named Matsuzaki Hatori who firmly believes that she has to marry her childhood friend, Terasaka Rita, someday. Hiromitsu Kosuke, the most popular boy in school, completes the love triangle. Actress Kiritani Mirei stars as Hatori, Yamazaki Kento plays Rita, and Sakaguchi Kentaro plays Hiromitsu.

Hatori: Rita!
Hatori: This guy’s name is Rita Terasaka, this story’s “hero,” in one sense of the word.
Hatori: I, Hatori Matsuzaki, am the heroine that will marry Rita.
Hatori: He’s my childhood friend, and I’ve been by his side watching over him since we were little.
Rita: I’ve decided to go out with Adachi.
Hatori: Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!
Text: Continuing from Ao Haru Ride and Strobe Edge, a long-awaited popular shōjo comic film adaptation.
Kyoko: Those two have great chemistry. Is that fine with you?
Hatori: I’m cute, and know everything about you! You’d regret passing me up!
Kyoko: You don’t know anything about Rita, do you?
Hatori: What is up with this dumb jock?
Kōsuke: Kousuke Hiromitsu. If you want, I’ll make you forget him.
Hatori: Nakajima!
Adachi: I’m Terasaka’s girlfriend!
Rita: Everything I don’t have, she has so much of. I’m by her side. Sorry.
Hatori: You don’t like me, even a little?
Rita: I’m sorry if I hurt you.
Hatori: Hiromitsu.
Kōsuke: It’s fine, even if I’m the only one who sees.
Rita: After all, you’re only playing around with her.
Kōsuke: And if I was serious?
Text: The person that I love…
Text: The person that loves me…
Text: Who am I destined for?
Hatori: I’m a hero too! The only one in the whole world!
Hatori: Heroine Shikkaku

(via ANN)