Yuya Matsushita to Release New Solo Album “BLACK NEVERLAND”

As previously reported, Yuya Matsushita is reviving his solo career! Six years after the release of his last solo album, “musicoverdose”, Yuya will release his new album, “BLACK NEVERLAND”, on March 27.

“BLACK NEVERLAND” took two years for Yuya to complete. He wrote all of the lyrics album, and in a first for him, produced the whole project himself, including the album covers, costumes, and music videos.

One these music videos is for the song “Midnight Party.” The song served as the January ending theme for the Nippon TV variety show “Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen!” “BLACK NEVERLAND” also features two appearances by SHUN, on the songs “Nobody” and “OOAK (One Of A Kind).”

Check out the video for “Midnight Party” below, along with more information on Yuya’s new album!

Limited Edition

Official Site Limited Edition

Regular Edition


  1. Prologue~BLACK NEVERLAND~
  2. King U-Wingy
  3. Midnight Party
  4. Butterfly
  5. Rendez-Vous
  6. Nobody [feat. SHUN]
  7. In Darkness
  8. OOAK (One Of A Kind) [feat. SHUN]
  9. Playa Playa
  10. LOVE
  11. Painful Romance
  12. 午時葵 (Umadoki Aoi)
  13. Moonlight

Limited Edition DVD

OOAK (One Of A Kind) (Music Video)
Midnight Party (Music Video)
BLACK NEVERLAND ~20180911~ (Live Video)
・King U-Wingy
・Midnight Party
・Painful Romance
・Once More Dance
・Playa Playa

Official Site Limited Edition DVD

松下優也 in 上海 ~Special Private Movie~ (Yuya Matsushita in Shanghai ~Special Private Movie~)