Yuuri to Release Debut Album

On January 12, Yuuri will release his debut album, “Ichi.” The album will include have 16 songs total, including the ten digital singles he has released since debuting, such as “Kakurenbo”, “Peter Pan”, “Dry Flower”, and “Betelgeuse.”

“Ichi” will come in three editions, three limited and one regular, all with one CD. Limited edition A will feature a 64 page photobook, limited edition B will come in a special box and include a keychain, and limited edition C will come in a sleeve case and include a Blu-ray which includes footage from Yuuri’s concert “Yuuri TOUR 2021 Otogibanashi no You na Happy End e Mukatte 2021.06.05 at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA.”

Check out more information on this release below!

Limited Edition A


Limited Edition B


Limited Edition C


Regular Edition

  1. ベテルギウス (Betelgeuse)
  2. ドライフラワー (Dry Flower)
  3. 花鳥風月 (Kacho Fugetsu)
  4. ミズキリ (Mizukiri)
  5. シャッター (Shutter)
  6. ミザリー (Misery)
  7. レオ (Leo)
  8. ピーターパン (Peter Pan)
  9. スマホウォーズ (Sumaho Wars)
  10. 夏音 (Natsuoto)
  11. 背中 (Senaka)
  12. かごめ (Kagome)
  13. 桜晴 (Sakura Hare)
  14. インフィニティ (Infinity)
  15. 飛行船 (Hikousen)
  16. かくれんぼ (Kakurenbo)