Yonezu Kenshi to Release New Album “Bremen”

On October 7, Yonezu Kenshi will release his new album, “Bremen.” The album will include the singles “Flowerwall” and “Unbelievers.” “Bremen” will come in 3 editions: a CD+Art Book Limited Edition, a CD+DVD Limited Edition, and a CD only Regular Edition. The Limited Edition art book contains 22 illustrated postcards and a booklet, while the Limited Edition DVD contains 3 music videos (“Unbelievers”, “Fluorite”, and “Metronome”). Check out more information about “Bremen” after the jump!

1. アンビリーバーズ (Unbelievers)
2. フローライト (Fluorite)
3. 再上映 (Saijyouei)
4. Flowerwall
5. あたしはゆうれい (Atashi wa Yuurei)
6. ウィルオウィスプ (Willowisp)
7. Undercover
8. Neon Sign
9. メトロノーム (Metronome)
10. 雨の街路に夜行蟲 (Ame no Gairo ni Yakouchuu)
11. シンデレラグレイ (Cinderella Gray)
12. ミラージュソング (Mirage Song)
13. ホープランド (Hopeland)
14. Blue Jasmine

Limited Edition DVD (Music Videos)
1. アンビリーバーズ (Unbelievers)
2. フローライト (Fluorite)
3. メトロノーム (Metronome)




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