Yonezu Kenshi Releases MV for “Shin Ultraman” Theme “M87”

On May 18, Yonezu Kenshi will release his new single, “M87.” The song serves as the theme for the new film “Shin Ultraman”, out May 13.

Early in the production of the film, the decision was made to have a theme song. Director Higuchi Shinji and writer Anno Hideaki wanted a leading figure who could appeal to various generations for the song, leading to Kenshi being offered the opportunity.

Kenshi is a fan of Hideaki’s and was looking forward to “Shin Ultraman”, so when the opportunity to the do the theme song was offered to him, he was pleasantly surprised, saying it was something he could have never dreamed of.

“M87” will come in three editions. The Ultra Edition will come in a reflective package with a mini laser. The Video Edition will come in a silver package with a DVD. The Regular Edition will come in a paper package and contain just a CD. The covers for all three editions features Shin Ultraman drawn by Kenshi,

In conjunction with the release of the film, Kenshi has released the music video for “M87.” Check it out below!

Ultra Edition

Kenshi Yonezu "M 87" Ultra Edition Package Photo (c) 2022 "Shin Ultraman" Production Committee (c) Tsuburaya Productions (c) REISSUE RECORDS

Video Edition

米津玄師「M八七」映像盤パッケージ写真 (c)2022「シン・ウルトラマン」製作委員会 (c)円谷プロ (c)REISSUE RECORDS

Regular Edition

米津玄師「M八七」通常盤パッケージ写真 (c)2022「シン・ウルトラマン」製作委員会 (c)円谷プロ (c)REISSUE RECORDS


  1. M八七 (M87)
  3. ETA

Video Edition DVD

  1. POP SONG Music Video
  2. POP SONG Music Video (Sound Effect)
  3. POP SONG 8bit Teaser
  4. Pale Blue Music Video
  5. 死神 Music Video (Shingami Music Video)

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