Yasuda Rei releases covers and tracklist for her debut album

On October 8, Yasuda Rei will release her debut album “Will.” The album will contain all of her singles so far. It will also feature a cover of her former group Genki Rocket’s “Heavenly Star.” Matt Cab will feature on the song “One More Time.” Check out the covers and tracklist after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



1. in the room

2. Best of my Love

3. Brand New Day

4. Inside Out

5. パスコード4854  (Passcode 4854)

6. どうして…  (Doshite…)

7. One More Time feat. Matt Cab

8. Regret

9. Mirror

10. Let It Snow

11. I&U

12. フォゲミナ (Forget Me Not)

13. Delight

14. Heavenly Star


Limited Edition DVD

1. Best of my Love (music video)

2. Let It Snow (music video)

3. Brand New Day (music video)

4. パスコード4854 (Passcode 4854) (music video)

5. Mirror (music video)

6. Will ジャケット撮影メイキング (Cover shoot making video)

7. Will レコーディング映像 (Recording clip)