Yanakoto Sotto Mute release classy MV for “Lily” ahead of album release

The thing that makes Yanakoto Sotto Mute stand out in the maze of the Idol niche, is without a doubt the great synergy between their music, voices and art direction: in fact, few units in this industry can find a compromise to make these factors sound and look totally cohesive. Yet, these four girls and their production team found the right formula to make this happen, and the new Music Video for “Lily” is yet another proof of this valid artistic direction.

The track is a Melodic Pop Rock number that makes its balance between atmospheric arpeggios and catchy riffs its winning formula, valorizing each section as well as exposing the beautiful voices of the girls; from a general standpoint, it’s nothing necessarily groundbreaking, but it’s still an enjoyable, well-crafted track that smartly valorizes both the talent and the personality of each member. The video features several atmospheric shots of the girls, alternated to singing and dancing moments by the seaside, featuring a well done editing that makes everything look very classy.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute is giving proof to be one of the most valid units out there, and it makes me wonder what are the actual differences between an Idol and “regular” act nowadays. But that’s a matter that deserves a separated and proper analysis.

Be sure to check out the Music Video for “Lily” down here, as well as all the details on Yanakoto Sotto Mute‘s new record “bubble” set to be released on April 5th!

Yanakoto Sotto Mute – bubble (Album Cover)



01. morning
02. Kanaderuha
03. Lily
04. am I
05. Tsukinome
06. Just Breathe
07. orange
08. Moeru Passiflora
09. see inside
10. sputnik note
11. Done
12. Horoscope
13. No Known

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