X4 to Release New Album “Xross Mate”

On March 8, X4 will release their second album, “Xross Mate.” The album will have 11 songs, including the ballad “Baby it’s love”, a duet with YUYA and T-MAX. The album will come in a limited edition and a regular edition. The limited edition will include a DVD which features two music videos and their makings. The regular edition will include two bonus tracks, both newly recorded versions of songs from X4’s indie era, when the group had a different lineup.

X4 recently released two music videos for the song “Rockin’ It.” One is the short version of the official video, while the other is a full dance version. The full version of the official video can be found on the DVD that comes with the album’s limited edition.

Check out more information on X4’s new album below!

Limited Edition

X4「Xross Mate」初回限定盤ジャケット


Regular Edition

X4「Xross Mate」通常盤ジャケット

1. Xross Mate
2. i want you back
3. O
4. Rockin’ It
5. I don’t know
6. サヨナラ愛してた (Sayonara Aishite ta)
7. Baby it’s love
8. Once More Dance
9. Steel love
10. free fall cry
11. キズナ (Kizuna)
12. Heaven(Regular Edition only)
13. Bang A Gong(Regular Edition only)

Limited Edition DVD
1. i want you back (Music Video)
2. Rockin’ It (Music Video)
3. i want you back (Music Video making)
4. Rockin’ It (Music Video making)


Rockin’ It (short PV)


Rockin’ It (dance verison)