Utada Hikaru to Perform Theme Song for New Yamazaki Takashi Film

Today it was revealed that Utada Hikaru has a new theme song on the way! She will sing the theme for the new Yamazaki Takashi movie, “DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari”, which stars Sakai Masato and Takahata Mitsuki.  The song is called “Anata”, and is Utada’s first movie theme since 2012’s “Sakura Nagashi”, the theme song for “Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.”

Yamazaki messaged Utada, asking her if she would like to do the movie’s theme song. She eagerly accepted, delving into the movie’s plot for inspiration. The resulting “Anata” was written and recorded this summer in London. Utada used Buddhist themes in the song to capture the movie’s mixture of the supernatural world and the everyday world.

“Anata” will be released on December 8, the day before “DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari” hits theaters.

Check out the cover and preview for “Anata” below!