TUBE reveal some of the details about their upcoming 30th anniversary album

Legendary pop and surf-rock band TUBE have revealed that they’ll be releasing their first full album in 3 years on June 17th.  Known for their many odes to the summertime season, TUBE are celebrating their 30th anniversary in the Japanese music industry this year and have decided to do something extra special with this new release as a result.

“Your TUBE + My TUBE” will include two CDs – one 10-track album which was written and produced by the band themselves (My TUBE), and an 11-track album written and produced by various artists who are aiming to capture TUBE’s unique image (Your TUBE).  While there are over 15 acts involved in the project, some of the most well-known names are Tak Matsumoto (of B’z), TAKURO (of GLAY), Okuda Tamio (of Unicorn), Fujii Fumiya (formerly of The Checkers), and both Tomita Kyoko and Kishitani Kaori (formerly of PRINCESS PRINCESS).

Please read on below for the full list of artists and the songs which they will be contributing to the album, as well as a look at the music video for TUBE’s latest single “Imasara Surfside”.

-’Your TUBE + My TUBE’ Track List-

  1. Your TUBE (Track Order Undecided)
    • Natsuiro no Time Capsule (Lyrics:  Oguro Maki / Composer:  Oda Tetsuro)
    • Yuki Demo Natsu (Lyrics/Composer:  Okuda Tamio)
    • Shonan Regret (Lyrics:  Tomita Kyoko / Composer:  Kishitani Kaori)
    • Shonan Love Story (Lyrics:  Ayanokoji Sho / Composer:  Saionji Hitomi)
    • LOVE BEACH (Lyrics:  TAKURO / Composer:  TAK MATSUMOTO)
    • Squall (Lyrics/Composer:  Tamaki Koji)
    • Natsu Banchou (Lyrics:  Masuko Naozumi / Composer:  Kamiharako Tomoyasu)
    • Okage Summer (Lyrics/Composer:  Hirose Komi)
    • Abunai Onna Korinai Otoko (Lyrics:  Fujii Fumiya / Composer:  Fujii Naoyuki)
    • Kono Seimei no Kagiri (Lyrics/Composer:  Matsuyama Chiharu)
    • Time Tunnel (Lyrics/Composer:  Yokoyama Ken)
  2. My TUBE (Track List Unfinished)
    • Imasara Surfside
    • Ano Natsu e
    • Rainbow Town
    • Hadashi no Lucky Girl

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