Tomita Lab Previews His Songs with Maaya Sakamoto, Takagi Shohei of cero, Fujiwara Sakura, and AKIO

On November 30, Tomita Lab will release his new album, “SUPERFINE.” The list of collaborators on this album includes KOM_I and Kenmochi Hidefumi of Suiyoubi no Campanella, YONCE of Suchmos, Kido Akiko and Wakabayashi Tomo of CICADA, and many more.

The album comes in a limited edition and regular edition. The limited comes in a CD+DVD+Book format and is limited to 5000 copies. The DVD that comes with this edition includes footage from the recording of “SUPERFINE”, while the book features a diary that Tomita Lab kept will making the album. The regular edition is in a CD only format.

Tomita Lab has released a trailer for the album which features some songs that have already been previewed along with a few that haven’t. The new songs that are being previewed feature vocals by Maaya Sakamoto, Takagi Shohei of cero, Fujiwara Sakura, and AKIO, who regularly features on Sugar’s Campaign’s songs. Check out the trailer below, along with the more information on the album!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. SUPERFINE OPENING (instrumental)
2. Radio体操ガール feat.YONCE (Radio Taiso Girl feat.YONCE)
3. 冨田魚店 feat.コムアイ (Tomita Sakana Ten feat.Koumai)
4. 荒川小景 feat.坂本真綾 (Arakawa Sho Kei feat.Maaya Sakamoto)
5. ふたりは空気の底に feat.高城晶平 (Futari wa Kuki no Soko ni  feat.Takagi Shohei)
6. Bite My Nails feat.藤原さくら (Bite My Nails feat.Fujiwara Sakura)
7. 鼓動 feat.城戸あき子 (Kodo feat.Kido Akiko)
8. 雪の街 feat.安部勇磨 (Yuki no Machi feat.Abe Yuma)
9. 笑ってリグレット feat.AKIO (Waratte Regret feat.AKIO)
10. SUPERFINE ENDING (instrumental)