Tomita Lab Celebrates His 15th Anniversary with New Album “M-P-C ‘Mentality, Physicality, Computer'”

Back in August, Tomita Lab released the double A-side single, “OCEAN / Password.” Both of those songs will appear on his new album, “M-P-C ‘Mentality, Physicality, Computer'”, out October 3. This album marks Tomita Lab’s 15th anniversary. Joining Naz and Nagaoka Ryosuke as special guests on the album will be names such as chelmico, WONK’s Kento NAGATSUKA, and Ryohu of KANDYTOWN.

“M-P-C ‘Mentality, Physicality, Computer'” will come in a limited edition and a regular edition. Each edition will contain the CD, with the limited edition also containing a blu-ray documenting the album’s nine month recording process and featuring interviews with the album’s guests. It will also include a diary that Tomita Lab wrote while making the album.

More information on “M-P-C ‘Mentality, Physicality, Computer'” can be found after the jump, including the album’s trailer and the video for “M-P-C”, a song featuring Ryohu!

Limited Edition

冨田ラボ「M-P-C "Mentality, Physicality, Computer"」完全生産限定盤ジャケット

Tomita laboratory "MPC" Mentality, Physicality, Computer "full deployed limited edition deployment image.


Regular Edition

冨田ラボ「M-P-C "Mentality, Physicality, Computer"」通常盤ジャケット

1. Introduction
2. M-P-C feat. Ryohu
3. パスワード feat. 長岡亮介 (Password feat. Nagaoka Ryosuke)
4. アルペジオ feat. chelmico (Arpeggio feat. chelmico)
5. Interlude 1 feat. Ryohu
6. Let it ride feat. Kento NAGATSUKA
7. OCEAN feat. Naz
9. Interlude 2 feat. Ryohu
10. rain on you feat. 七尾旅人 (rain on you feat. Nanao Tavito)
11. 緩やかな毒 feat. 吉田沙良 (Yuruyaka na Doku feat. Yoshida Sara)
12. Outroduction feat. Ryohu


Album trailer


M-P-C feat. Ryohu