tofubeats Releases PV for His Collaboration with Dream’s Ami

On September 16, tofubeats will release his second major label album, “POSITIVE.” This album comes nearly a year after his major label debut album, “First Album.” Like “First Album”, “POSITIVE” will feature an array of guests. Those featured guests are Dream Ami, okadada, KREVA, Tetsuya Komuro, Skylar Spence (formerly known as Saint Pepsi), Tamashiro Tina, Shigeru Kishida of Quruli, and Nakano Yoshie of EGO-WRAPPIN’. tofubeats describes this album as his most positive effort so far.

tofubeats recently released a demo version of the album’s title track on YouTube, but he didn’t reveal at the time who was going to be featured on the final version of the song. It was recently revealed that the vocalist on the song would be Dream / E-girls member Ami. The song was premiered today on the FM802 / InterFM radio show “Noz Beautiful Harmony”, which Ami co-hosts. tofubeats was recently a guest on the show. The song will be available for digital download via services such as Recochoku and iTunes tomorrow.

Today, tofubeats also released the music video for “POSITIVE.” The clip for the peppy song features various feet in action. Check it out after the jump, along with more information about the album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

2. POSITIVE feat. Dream Ami
3. T.D.M. feat. okadada
4. Too Many Girls feat. KREVA
6. Throw your laptop on the fire feat. 小室哲哉 (Tetsuya Komuro)
7. I know you
8. Without U feat. Skylar Spence
9. すてきなメゾン feat. 玉城ティナ (Suteki na Maison feat. Tamashiro Tina)
10. くりかえしのMUSIC feat. 岸田繁 (くるり) (Kurikaeshi no MUSIC feat. Shigeru Kishida (Quruli))
11. 閑話休題 (Kanwakyudai)
12. 別の人間 feat. 中納良恵 (EGO-WRAPPIN’) (Betsu no Ningen feat. Nakano Yoshie (EGO-WRAPPIN’))
13. I Believe In You

Limited Edition DVD (tofubeats music video collection)
1. 水星 feat. オノマトペ大臣 (Suisei feat. Onomatope Daijin)
2. No.1 feat. G.RINA
3. Don’t stop the music feat. 森高千里 (Chisato Moritaka)
4. おしえて検索 feat. の子 (神聖かまってちゃん) (Oshiete Kenskau feat. Noko (Shinsei Kamattechan))
5. ディスコの神様 feat. 藤井隆 ((Disco no Kamisama feat. Fujii Takashi )
6. Her Favorite & 衣替え (Koromogae)
7. Come On Honey! feat. 新井ひとみ (東京女子流) (Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style))
8. poolside feat. PES (RIP SLYME)
9. 20140803
10. 衣替え (Koromogae) feat. BONNIE PINK
12. 朝が来るまで終わることのないダンスを (Asa ga Kuru Made Owaru Koto no nai Dance wo)


Featured guests


“POSITIVE” digital single cover


POSITIVE feat. Dream Ami