tofubeats, FNCY, Avec Avec, and More Remix Toki Asako on New Album

On June 26, Toki Asako will release a new remix album, “TOKI CHIC REMIX.” This is her first remix album since November 2007’s “TOKI ASAKO REMIXIES WEEKENDSHUFFLE.” The album is a mix of old and new. The remixes by tofubeats, WONK, Kan Sano, and Sunahara Yoshinori have previously been released on 7-inch vinyl. They will make their CD debut alongside new remixes by the likes of FNCY, Avec Avec, and STUTS. Check out more information on Asako’s new remix album, including a video trailer, below!

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  1. PINK (tofubeats Remix)
  2. SUNNY SIDE (WONK Remix)
  3. Flame (mabanua Remix)
  4. STRIPE (STUTS Remix)
  5. Black Savanna (Kan Sano Remix)
  6. Peppermint Town (Awesome City Club Remix)
  7. Blue Moon (Yoshinori Sunahara Remix)
  8. Fried Noodles (FNCY HiNRG RMX)
  9. Fancy Time (Avec Avec Remix)
  10. 名前 (Keiichi Sokabe Remix) (Namae (Keiichi Sokabe Remix))